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Capability of the Company

  • Electrical Cables. PVC, XLPE for Power, Marine & Cranes up to 220Kv in all the ranges & sizes.
  • Welding equipments and it's spares & consumables.
  • Valves for the heavy industries and petro-chemical industries, Butterfly, angle, Gate & Globe valves.
  • Electrical Transformers Cast Resin, Power & Distribution transformers. Including installation, erection & Commissioning.
  • Electric Motors 25Kw to 500Kw / 2 to 8 poles with 50Hz or 60 Hz.
  • Sea water Pumps Horizontal and vertical suction Pumps, Submersible Pumps.(Bilge, Ballast, yard pumps, sewage & sludge pumps, auxiliary pumps and dry dock pumps)
  • Electrical Distribution & Control Panels for machineries, crane & power distribution.
  • Electrical HT switch gear for substation, distribution & generators up to 220Kv
  • Rails for the cranes and accessories.
  • Most of the Shipyard utility equipments including Dock arms, Cherry pickers & Over head cranes and their spare parts.
  • HT switch gear and complete substation equipments up to 33KV
  • All varieties of marine cables and land cables up to 220KV

In order to serve our customers better, we are a member of Shipserv and
Our Ship Serve Trade Net Id is : 204878.

This enables us to reply for our customer's RFQ with lesser paper works and in very short duration, which saves customer's time.

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